• Camera2

    Surveillance Camera Survey

    The Association is in the process of conducting a survey to determine the level of community support for the use of surveillance cameras with license plate reader pods to assist in reducing crime in the neighborhood.  To insure… Read More

  • monumentsign

    Letter to Councilmember Guerra Regarding Audit

    After receiving notice of the City’s intent to consider termination of 4th R service for our community, subsequent research of the issues related to the proposed action and absence of previous community benefits, the Neighborhood Association approved a… Read More

  • Glenbrook_Flailed2015_2

    Glenbrook Easement Flailed And Oki Easement On The List

    The Glenbrook easement on La Riviera Drive, across from Glenbrook park was flailed on Thursday, April 16th.  For those unfamiliar with the term, a flail is a type of mower that is best used to provide a rough cut… Read More